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Detective VDT Detecting DNA, behind a happy family

The stories in Detective company VDT are, yes, there are inquiries to find the truth just vindication for suspicion, but there are truths to tear the detective.

The following story is a testament:

Meet him at the time of the game, with him is a two-year-old girl please roll, and very well wrapped around him. He told her to go pick her up to school, she wrapped him on business trips, it clung to him as he was gone and the father and son through the office Detective VDT always.


He starts the conversation with calm and witty voice: He manages a company he founded, and his wife is an elementary school teacher. He often travels far away, but always has time for his family. Family life full, "wife beautiful child wisdom," the economy does not have to think. She is a woman who is always fulfilled for family life.


Recently he went to work far away listening to his relatives say bad things about his wife. As he came here, his voice was choking, making the detectives curious for a family like that, and there was no need for the help of a private detective. But in life there are so many things that people can not explain by the word suspicious.

He wants the VDT detectives to investigate his wife's activities in the days he goes to work. The investigation began at his wife's house, his wife got up early carrying breakfast for two children and took her children to school lunch lunch with the teachers at school, at 17h she left the agency to pick up children "The big boys in the school where you are teaching", the girls learn in kindergarten. Arriving home, she again hugged water for the children, then the child study, let her sleep. For a few days of surveillance, the detectives did not find anything unusual in her ordinary life until the day he returned.

Every investigation of the detective is meaningless, the investigation is not fruitful but it is what customers expect.

The story may end there, because his suspicions are not real, the detective's mission is over.

We met him to liquidate the contract, he still carry her as a treasure, looking at him like that people think he is a good father with good children. However, he told detectives to check his DNA to get his hair and she went to the test to see what the results, because looking outside she does not see "like father."

With modern and sophisticated techniques, the examination of two hair samples to know the blood system does not take time. But the results of DNA tests do not give the results of human feelings that are scientific basis to 99.99% of blood relations. Holding the results returned to the owner, we have a very vague feeling, because the truth is not expected. The results show that he and his "son" are not blood. There are more bitter fruit, when the child that you love is not the same blood. How can you believe that good wife can plug his horn so long.

Hope that the story has a happy ending to two children grow up family, so that their spouses have happy lives they are still living together, hope to have a suitable solution to solve a problem. warm sound. And she still loved him more in the family that she is considering him as the father no one can replace.


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