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Love story of the detective Sai Gon VDT

Stepping into the detective work, Chau Loan found his half. He accompanied her on the road and career road.
Once online, Pham Chau Loan accidentally read the information posted detective. Wanting to try a new job, Loan applied for a job at Detective Agency VDT. That time, in 2005, VDT was the second detective company in Vietnam. No one thought, the little girl could be a private detective.




Everybody in the house knows that Chau Loan is working for a company that specializes in providing information. Due to the specific nature of the work, she was forced to transform into a full-fledged body, diving through the alleys. When Loan was a salesman, he was an ordinary laborer, and even disguised as a girl in a dance hall to follow the object she was assigned to follow.

At 2 am, when Loan was resting after a day of hard work, the phone suddenly rang. The superior asked her to go to a remote province. This trip, Loan with two colleagues again, but because the case is quite complex and Loan is new, not experienced so senior detective Do Ngoc Anh down to the guide.

Late at night, the rustle of insects, Loan trembled with fear. However, the dedication, intelligence, experience, especially the openness, regardless of the boss with Ngoc Anh staff has made Loan to regain confidence. With Ngoc Anh, then Loan "is a gentle girl, less collision but love work, do anything".

Sherlock Holmes today

On the first day, the middle-aged woman knocked on Detective VDT's office door. Her eyes are full of water on her face, she said, Trinh, her husband is the general director of a mining episode. One time to work Yen Bai, after work, he drove home to visit. He agreed. On that day, the branch manager invited Mr. Trinh and the boys to sing. With the wine, Mr. Trinh went to his room and when he woke up she saw her last night sitting in the karaoke room next door. Two months later, the girl sent him a prenatal note. Think if everything gets lost, he will lose. Therefore, every month, he sent back to the girl's domain 10 million pregnant women. On the day she gave birth, taking the excuse of going to work, Mr. Trinh returned to Yen Bai to visit her. At this time, the new complex when the girl asked him to publicly accept the child and arrange for the mother and child formally. Unable to escape, Mr. Trinh confessed everything to his wife. Husband, she went to Yen Bai to meet the girl to settle, but the girl did not change her mind. She came to the office detective with the desire to find out the truth, see if the baby is drop her husband's blood or not?


According to the detectives, this seems to be a drama for the Trinh family to extort money, to take samples of the child's DNA for inspection, then depending on the results that the action. The child's DNA is not simple, although the sample is just hair, nail piece. It is rare for a company to meet twice, as it requires that the first attempt be made, because failure to reach the family is unlikely. Leaving the highway, the car turns to Mu Cang Chai. The car is almost fighting the road is upgrading, has to fight with the storm last.

As staff members of the Environment and Living Conditions Survey Team, detectives approach the target family. Detective Ngoc Anh, the most experienced head of the delegation, directly exchange, interview subjects. Chau Loan is sitting next to the talk. Outside the yard, another female detective asked his grandmother to take samples of soil and water samples. At this point, the most difficult task is to distract the mother and reach the child. Chau Loan approached, complimented the baby good and plump, and then confided: "I also recently married, very young children, but not condition so it is delayed. I wish you would be as good as me. I'm very good, "she said.
The story is open so the young mother does not doubt and give her children a loan. While carrying, Loan just naturally nực: "Oh! Do you want your mother to have a tattoos? Please come out and let me clean it. " And very comfortable, Loan to rub the baby's mouth, absorb as much saliva as possible. Soon after, a neighbor came to play. The mother has completed the questionnaire, Loan brought back the baby to her mother. She smiled brightly, Detective Ngoc Anh just waiting for that.

When the Institute of Criminal Science – Ministry of Public Security paid the results of the analysis, comparison of the DNA sample, concludes that the baby and Mr. Trinh are not bloody, the joy of the whole team as multiplication. Nhan Loan, she felt more than the pain and stress of Ngoc Anh on each trip. Emotion grows through the work together and the parties with the company. Until one day, suddenly she received message confession of his: "I agree to be his girlfriend". Briefly, not the period and the candle but the Loan is very emotional.
Love a detective means less time with privacy. Each time we meet, we usually talk about a difficult case is being carried out together and put forward solutions, judging the situation, "said Loan.


Big gift after the detective hat rim

The same job, knowing well faced with the risks, dangers, sometimes even Loan himself feel anxious, especially when Ngoc Anh business affairs complex. Sometimes they accept humorously, optimistic that "to work together is to be together". That is why outsiders look at their love story and feel like watching a detective movie. Remember to be on the track when the object is thrown into the restaurant, so both have to go to eat. Poor luck that day, Loan meet true friends. They enthusiastically invite both to join but Loan nodded denial for fear of losing the object.

Loving four years, in 2009, they decided to hold a wedding. It was about time for the Taiwanese family to understand about him as well as the work he was doing. The couple moved from Hanoi to Saigon from 2012, when Do Ngoc Bao was 2.5 years old. New life in a new city, no relatives, Ngoc Anh became the sole support for mother and daughter. Busy, going back to the day but every time is free he helped his wife to do housework, child care, especially when his second son Do Ngoc Khoi was born.

His wife is hard, sometimes Ngoc Anh advised her to find another job or temporary home care. Loan said that I have to thank the detective, because passion for the profession has made Loan feel more than lost. The work forged her virtue, hard-tempered, mature and responsible, helped her better judge her life. More importantly, the detective work helped her find him. His love, happy because of the presence of two little angels, Chau Loan said it was sweet, the most precious gift she received after ten years of pursuit of this special work.

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