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Detective work and “legal”

According to Mr. Do Ngoc Anh – Director of Detective Agency VDT said: quite a number of detective companies "under the" not allowed, not managed but still operate and operate outside the "flow" affects the business with consultant , doing footage in the field of information, service services.

Call us a private detective!

Want to relieve the suspicion of why the spouse recently has strange expressions, find unfortunate misfortune, find out more "the other half" before the marriage, whether partners have the trust to match Find out what the debtor's assets are for easy solicitation … there are hundreds of different inquiries that the person who wants to know is hard on their own, and no CQCA or governmental authority can " help". Therefore, the information service – for which information must be investigated, "investigated" and the private detective service, was born, as an inevitable rule of necessity.

Mr. Do Ngoc Anh, Director of Vietnam Information Providers Ltd. (one of the two private detective agencies in Vietnam licensed for "detective" activities) said that the need to provide information The recent years have grown rapidly and are also very diverse, especially in big cities. Although not licensed, many businesses and individuals have set up their own websites to introduce detective services and operations outside of state management. Long said that in Ho Chi Minh City, quite a lot of "detectives" specialize customers in the cafe, no contract but only oral agreement.

"Our company is licensed to provide information and people call us private detective (Detective VDT). Of course, want to have information to provide then we have to find out, "investigation" according to customer requirements. However, as an attorney, I understand the limits to the information that is allowed to define a "corridor" for my business when it does not violate prohibitions and I also encourage "detectives" "In the law firm to help them know what they can do or not," Ngoc Anh said.

For example, the law does not prohibit couples from learning about each other, parents seeking information to check and manage their children … so "private detectives" can provide information services in the field. this family marriage. Or the information requirements in the civil service are quite diverse, but the information must be in accordance with the law. And how the person who asked for information to deal with the information w