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                        Ha Noi,  Dated  01/01/2018


– Based on the organization and operation of Vietnam Information Supply Company Limited, the Director of the company now promulgates the Code of Ethics and Conduct of Detective Job in the company; – Pursuant to the charter of Vietnam Information Supply Company Limited; – Based on the actual situation and operational needs of the company.
Detective profession in Vietnam is a noble profession, because detective professional activities aim to contribute to protecting justice, finding the truth, contributing to economic development, a democratic and fair society. civilized. Professionalism and professional ethics are the fundamental foundations of the Detective Career. The VDT detective must have the obligation to improve their professional qualifications and skills by themselves; set an example in respect and observance of the law; voluntarily comply with the rules of ethics and professional conduct in practice, lifestyle and social interactions. The Detective Code of Ethics and Conduct, which sets professional ethical and behavioral standards, is a measure of the moral qualities and professional responsibilities of a Detective. Each Detective must use this Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct as a model for the cultivation and training to preserve the professional reputation, reputation of the Detective, worthy of the honor of society. This is the Code of Ethics and Conduct of Detective Tu, applicable to all employees working at Vietnam Information Supply Company Limited. All employees must adhere to this Code of Detective Ethics and Conduct. Code of Conduct and Conduct of Tham Tu is established, stored and effective from the date of signing and approved by the Board of Members of Vietnam Information Supply Company Limited. Here are some ethical rules and professional conduct as follows:


Rule 1:
VDT detective must be independent, honest, respect objective truth, not for the sake of material, spirit or any other pressure to violate the law and professional ethics.
Rule 2:
VDT detective has an obligation to ensure the quality of service providing information to customers, dedicated to the job, promoting capabilities, using the professional knowledge and skills necessary to best protect. rights and interests of customers and ensure compliance with the provisions of the law.
Rule 3:
Detectives VDT regularly learn to improve their professional qualifications, preserve quality and professional reputation; good behavior, culture in practice and lifestyle to always create and deserve the trust and respect of society for detective and detective profession.
Rule 4:
VDT Detective staff must keep all information confidential about their work, as well as organize their professional activities.


Rule 5: Receive the client’s case.
5.1. VDT detective respects the customer’s choice; only accept the case according to its professional capacity and conditions and execute the case within the legal requirements of the client;

5.2. Detective VDT is obliged to explain to the client their rights, obligations and responsibilities in relation to the Detective; about the legality in the request of the case; difficulties and advantages in conducting investigation to collect information; 5.3. Upon receiving the case of a client, a detective or a detective organization must clearly define the rights and obligations of both parties in a service contract to provide and investigate and collect information.

Rule 6: Customer case execution
6.1. VDT detective proactively investigates and resolves the customer’s case and informs the progress of the results so that customers know;

6.2. While conducting an investigation to collect information for customers, detectives VDT do not let money or other material interests dominate the ethics and professional conduct that falsify the purpose of detective profession;

Rule 7. Refuse to accept and continue to perform the customer’s case
7.1. Customers have the attitude of disrespecting detective and detective profession 7.2. The customer makes a new request but this requirement is not within the scope of the contract or is unethical or illegal; 7.3. The Client violates a commitment under the service contract to provide information that the parties cannot reach agreement or the relationship between the Detective and the customer is damaged not due to the Detective’s fault; 7.4. The customer uses the detective’s information provision service to commit illegal acts;
Rule 8: Conflicts of interest between customers.
VDT detective is not allowed to conduct work and sign contracts with new customers, when there is a conflict of interest between new customers and their old customers.
Rule 9. Keep information confidential
The VDT detective must keep all information about the customer, information about the object and information flow in the process of performing the work that the detective investigates since signing the contract and after the end of the contract. copper


Rule 10. Respect and cooperate with colleagues
10.1. Detectives VDT must have a friendly attitude and respect for their colleagues. Criticism of colleagues is done carefully, objectively, at the right place, at the right time with a constructive spirit; 10.2. Detective VDT consciously cooperates and helps colleagues in practice as well as in life; timely suggestions when seeing colleagues do wrong things, affecting the reputation of detective profession;
Rule 11. Relations with New Employees – detective apprentices.
Guide detective must be dedicated, perform his duties and rights towards the apprentice: Do not discriminate, treat apprentice personally, not ask for money, material benefits from apprentices.