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Legal and Insurance Investigations

VDT Detective Services experienced staff successfully assist attorneys with your essential private investigator needs. VDT Detective Services investigators are extensively trained and constantly updated as to emerging trends and advances in their industry as well as the ever-changing laws and precedents. VDT Detective Services specializes in customized investigations to meet your specific needs. Areas of […]

Personal Security Bodyguard Services

VDT Detective Services offers the highest level of personal security services for individuals and companies. Since 1959, VDT has been handling sensitive security matters by providing armed and unarmed security protection services to individuals and companies. We have successfully thwarted bodily injuries, carjacking, muggings and armed robberies by our security presence.  Our efforts in this […]

Best DNA Testing Services in Vietnam

DNA Forensics Laboratory is among the industry leaders in DNA Testing Services in Vietnam. With the whole range of DNA Tests in the catalog, we are one of the most preferred companies for an accurate and reliable DNA Test in Vietnam. Our List of DNA Tests Be it Peace of mind or a specialized DNA Test; we […]

Cell Phone Forensics & Cellular Data Recovery

The growing reliance on cellular phones, particularly smart phones has presented a new frontier for investigators who have become trained in cellular forensics including recovering deleted text messages, past GPS locations and other data that may have been deleted. Various applications are available to download to a smart phone making them easy targets for bugging.  […]

Car license plate investigation

Can a private investigator run a license plate? Private investigators come in all shapes and sizes. There are famous men and women who are private investigators and private detectives who have often been portrayed in movies as swashbuckling renegades who get in shootouts with bad guys and drink too much. The reality is a private investigator’s […]

Business Investigations

MSI Detective Services provides the highest quality private investigation services to serve the distinct needs of business. Since 2005, MSI has been handling sensitive business matters and investigations including employee theft, employee sabotage, embezzlement, employee contracts and no-compete matters, business intelligence gathering and fact finding, patent and trademark matters, eavesdropping protection through debugging and electronic […]

Background Investigations

VDT Detective Services conducts background investigations that fill the void with vital factual information. VDT provides fast and accurate information, critical to your decisions. Our investigations focus on: Criminal Civil Matters Marital Cases Child Custody Financial Morality Issues Infidelity Employment Theft Cases Divorce VDT Detective Services provides complete information that reveals vital information allowing you […]

Runaway Children and Spouses

VDT Detective Services is the final stop for locating runaway children and spouses as well as other persons of interest. Since 2005 VDT has provided clients with the most accurate locate information. VDT skip traces locate missing persons, objects, friends, relatives, debtors, and even pets. VDT Detective Service is the locate specialist that can work […]

Infidelity & Cheating

VDT Detective Services conducts confidential and discreet relationship investigations often referred to as infidelity or cheating. Our investigators work closely with you to discover, uncover and verify the facts pertaining to your particular situation. VDT cannot answer the question as to why people cheat. Cheaters are defined as partners who lie to their significant others […]

Missing Persons

VDT’s is the final stop for locating missing persons, children and adults, as well as skip tracing services. Since 2005 VDT has provided clients with the most accurate locate information. Utilizing computer research, phone work and field investigators, VDT skip traces and locates missing persons, objects, friends, relatives, debtors, and even pets better than any […]

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