Business Registration Certificate


VIET DETECTIVE AND TRADING CO., LTD (VDT) is established under the Enterprise Registration Certificate No.0101611742 issued by the Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment dated Feb. 01, 2005.

Detective company VDT has large scale and organization in major cities and heads of each branch of the detective company or representative office is closely affiliated with the rules set by the management board.

With the working motto “Behavioral Culture – Accurate Assurance – Confidential Information”

.Currently, Detective company VDT has expanded and developed its branches in major cities such as VDT’s Detective Office in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong City, Da Nang City.

Detective VDT is one of the detective service companies known as the “Second Detective Boss” in investigating in civil-economic and marriage cases in Vietnam.


2005: Viet Detective And Trading Co., Ltd (VDT) is established with Vietnames name of “Công ty TNHH dịch vụ cung cấp thông tin và thương mại Việt” under the Enterprise Registration Certificate No.0101611742 issued by the Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment dated Feb. 01, 2005, which specializes in investigation of the marital and economic information.

2006: Established the branch in Sai Gon (Detective company VDT Sai Gon) in June 02, 2006 by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment which specializes in investigation of the marital and economic information.

2008: VDT changed it’s Vietnamese name to “Công ty TNHH cung cấp thông tin Việt Nam”.

2009: Established the representative office of Detective VDT in Da Nang City which specializes in providing information survey service in the field of marriage and economics.

2014: Detective Company VDT welcomed Mr. Snoop – Director of Malaysia Ispy Kuala Lumpur Detective Company ​(World Association of Detectives). Detective Company VDT joined and is a partner of the International Investigative Detectives Association in Vietnam.


Accurate Assurance – Confidential Information – Behavioral Culture


Detective VDT’s Goal :

Detectvive Company VDT is the leader in investigating information in the field of marriage, enterprise, counterfeit goods, piracy in Vietnam.

Detective VDT’s Mission :

To create a healthy business playground, professional ethics and credibility with Customers. Reducing risks, dealing with situations and grasping the current state of affairs, providing an overview, assessment and orientation for business cooperation and sustainable development investment.

Detective VDT’s Vision :

VDT is the pioneer in investigating the field of Marriage and Enterprise which has been trusted by many domestic and foreign customers. It is said that in investigations, VDT is a leading company in Vietnam which complies with the laws of Vietnam as well as international law.

Bringing information investigation services into an independent industry in the future and recognized by Vietnamese law.


Development strategies and policies may change over time, but each member of the Detective VDT always puts faith in values ​​and basic principles in order to create the company and boast the name “V D T”.

VDT is firstly an abbreviation of English name of VDT Company “Viet Detective and Trading Co., Ltd”. Moreover, “V D T” also shows the motto of Detective Company VDT:

  • V” is the first word of “Volunteer“. VDT Detective Company works in the spirit of voluntary, self-interest for the benefit of customers.
  • D” is the first word of “Discipline“. All leaders and staffs of VDT work on a high discipline basis. This is the ultimate principle of the detective industry.
  • T” is the first word of “Team“. Team spirit for the common benefits is the basis for VDT Detective Company to become the leading information provider in Vietnam curently.


Detective VDT is the information supply selected by companies and organizations in the field of detecting and investigating information related to counterfeit goods.

Some typical customers of VDT Detective Company:

  • Son Ha Group

Detective Company VDT has investigated and found counterfeit products of Son Ha water bottles in Bac Giang, Lai Chau and Hai Phong provinces.

  • Ferroli Itilia Group

Ferroli Group selects VDT as partner in coordination to detect the counterfeit goods in the Mekong Delta region.

  • Thien Long Group

VDT is pleased to coordinate with Thien Long Group in the investigation of counterfeit Thien Long ball pens in the whole country of Vietnam in 2016.

  • Minh Phat Pharma Co., Ltd

VDT has detected the production place of counterfeit products Cansua 3 in Hanoi market in 2015.

  • India WIPRO Group

VDT has investigated and coordinated in the detection of counterfeit Romano products imported across Lang Son and Tay Ninh border.

  • Viet-Tiep Lock JSC

VDT has investigated and coordinated in the discovery of counterfeit products Viet-Tie lock in Hanoi and neighboring provinces in 2016.