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VIET DETECTIVE AND TRADING CO., LTD (VDT) is established under the Enterprise Registration Certificate No.0101611742 issued by the Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment dated Feb. 01, 2005.

Being one of the first pioneer companies in the field of Detective in Vietnam with over more than a decade of establishment and development, we are proud to be one of the oldest and most prestigious Vietnamese companies in information supply, detective services. With professional skills, well trained in combination with the intelligence, agility of the detective team, detective company VDT proudly brings the trust of customers and become a reliable partner of many customers in many fields. Professional detective company, VDT is proud to bring practical benefits to society and family.

Detective office VDT specializes in independent investigations to enterprise and firstly provides information in the field of Marriage – Economics – Civil in Vietnam under the Law on Enterprise. Detective office VDT uses the expertise and experience of the Detective team, which has been concluded by professional assessment in the context of Vietnam's economics in  development and integration with the world to bring the views which reflect the objectivity and honesty.

Detective Company VDT has large scale and organization in major cities and heads of each branch of the detective company or representative office is closely affiliated with the rules set by the management board.

With the working motto "Accurate Assurance – Confidential Information – Behavioral Culture".

Currently, Detective office VDT has expanded and developed its branches in major cities such as VDT’s Detective Office in Hanoi, Detective Office in Ho Chi Minh City, Detective Office in Hai Phong City and Detective Office in Da Nang City.

Detective VDT is one of the detective service companies known as the “Second Detective Boss” in investigating in civil-economic and marriage cases in Vietnam.

Professional detective company VDT is proud to bring practical benefits to society and family. When using our detective services, customers will find satisfaction and best served in the field of information provision, professional private detective services.

Feel free to come to us – "Lovers of Truth" to find the best solution in order to satisfy all requirements of customers. At the same time, we commit to strictly confidential information of customers when using our services.

Detective office VDT is always accompany with Clients and would like to provide the Clients with the following detective services :

Infidelity Investigation Service

  1. Search and provide information as required for suspicion of husband or wife with signs of infidelity and family problems.
  2. Search and provide information about social relationships that have an adverse effect on husbands, wives, children, relatives leading to social evils and child education.
  3. Provide information about relatives living away from home, old people lost their way, children leave home.
  4. Provide information to juveniles in the family.
  5. Search and provide other information as required in Marriage and Family.
  6. Q&A.

Search and monitor detective service

  1. Do you have no control about you children in school and/or social relationships?
  2. Do you want to know the person you are acquainted via online, the person who is about to marry your child or the housemaid?
  3. Are you harassed, persecuted, blackmailed, or anonymous letters that you fear?
  4. Do you do not understand why your company is not well operating? You do not know much about the law or you do not know where to start?
  5. Do you want to find relatives, missing relatives, long lost contact persons, children leave home?
  6. Do you want to learn about issues related to land, real estate and other administrative procedures?

Identity verification detective service

Identity verification of a person is the collection of documents and evidences related to that person to clarify the requirements of the customer. The purpose of verification is to satisfy the customer's question about a person or thing. Verification includes the following elements: name, age, address, occupation (job), education and professional qualifications, income, health status, current place of residence, maritial status (single or married), family background, profile from childhood to now … and other relevant factors.

The current state of society shows that many people are becoming victims of fraud that results in "money lost and health lost" because they do not know exactly the person who they relates with.


  1. Verify a friend you know via online or strange friends.
  2. Verify a person that your child is in love with and intending to marry.
  3. Verify the person that you want to work with (financial ability, expertise).
  4. Verify the debt collection capacity of debtors (estimated amount of hidden money, total assets in cash, etc.); verify borrowing purpose and solvency.
  5. Verify the suspicion given by the spouse in order to conceal the adultery from the other.
  6. Verify any issues that you are suspicious.

Phone number verification service

It is the activity of investigating and verifying the related matters that the customer suspects. The following cases are common:

  • You are constantly harassed with a number or strange numbers for a long time.
  • Your husband (wife) has unusual calls or messages from strange numbers in the middle of the night.

Phone number verification service: The Detective VDT will provide you with name, age, place of residence (permanent and temporary residence), current workplace, image of the person using the telephone number, family background … etc

Vehicle Car number plate verification service

Verification of vehicle number plate is to find out the registration of a vehicle for some reasons such as an accident of escape, deceit, robbery, or you see one of your relatives share a vehicle with someone else and you want to know the owner of the vehicle (name, place of birth, age, family status …)

Enterprise Investigation Service

Investigation of counterfeit goods, imitation goods, poor quality goods

  1. Provide information and evidences for civil-economic and commercial relations.
  2. Provide information on counterfeit goods, imitation goods, poor quality goods.
  3. Search and provide information in signing contracts with customers in the field of Civil-Economic.
  4. Provide information for customers to proactively prevent, detect, prevent the loss, disclose or steal the customer’s information.
  5. Search for the guardian, collect evidence to find out partners, including legal status, financial status and capacity, personnel capacity to decide to enter into a cooperation contract and plan for business.

We are committed to providing our Customers with the best services and most reasonable price. The Customers’ satisfaction is the success of our Detective Company.

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