VIETNAM INFORMATION SUPPLY CO., LTD (Office of the VDT Detective Company) was established under the business registration license number 0101611742 Issued on February 1, 2005 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi City.
In the context that the market economy is undergoing drastic changes, many new professions have been born in Vietnam, including the detective profession. In recent years, the “detective profession in Vietnam” has developed rapidly and prospered.
As one of the first pioneering companies in the field of Detectives in Vietnam, Over a decade of establishment and development, we are proud to be the oldest and most prestigious detective agency company in Vietnam. Nam in the field of  providing information,  detective services. With professional skills, well-trained combined with the intelligence and agility of the detective team. Prestigious professional detective agency VDT has brought trust to customers and has become a reliable partner of many customers in many fields. The prestigious professional detective agency VDT we are proud of having brought practical benefits to society and families.
Prestigious professional detective agency  VDT specializes in independent business investigation, providing information in the field of Marriage – Economy – Civil first in Vietnam under the Law on Enterprises. Prestigious detective agency VDT uses the expertise and experience of the Vien Detective team that have been summed up by professional assessment methods in the context of Vietnam’s economic development and integration with the world. to provide views that reflect objectivity and honesty.

Outstanding services of VDT . Detective Service Company

 ❇️ Free Consultation
  • Marriage – family.
  • The knowledge supports private investigation and protection
  • Criminal psychology and defense measures.
  • Ensure the interests of foreigners and overseas Vietnamese related to Vietnam.
❇️ Monitor
  • Supervision in the field of Marriage – Family.
  • Supervision and management of minors.
  • The housekeeper and bodyguard for the children.
  • Performance of covenants and contracts.
❇️ Search
  • Relatives left home, lost or lost contact for a long time.
  • Guardians and nurturers of orphans.
  • I adopt my biological parents.
  • Lost valuables, memorabilia, important papers.
  • Documents, evidence to;
  • Understand the partner is, will collaborate.
  • Settlement of civil disputes (purchase, sale, business, insurance contract…).
  • Conduct divorce proceedings, property division, child custody.
  • Understanding who is planning to get married, adopt as an adoptive parent, get pregnant helps…
  • Serving the process of defense, appeal…
  • Search for lost pets.
  • Identity verification.
  • Verify license plate number.
  • Verify phone number information.
  • Verify information related to other civil matters.
  • Investigate information related to business partners.
  • Enterprise internal investigation.
  • Searching for information about copyright infringement, industrial property, counterfeit goods – imitation goods.
  • Financial due diligence of partners.
  • Supervising the execution of contracts and contracts
❇️ Inspection
  • DNA and pedigree testing.
  • Examination of handwriting and signature.
  • Fingerprint verification.
  • Visual and sound inspection.


Commitment to different service of the detective office VDT

  • The company always supports consulting 24/24 including holidays.
  • All information is strictly confidential.
  • Price corresponds to quality service.
  • Use the most modern equipment.
  • Team of professional detectives, experienced, knowledgeable in expertise and law.
The office company VDT detective always ensures all the best interests to all customers, the most secure, fastest, most accurate, safest and always good service quality other units provide. prestigious detective services in Hanoi in general and private detectives in Ho Chi Minh City as well as other provinces. We always keep in mind that we must operate in accordance with the law, and at the same time ensure ethics.

Culture of conduct (V)Assure accuracy (T) – Confidential information (T)dịch vụ giám định ADN
HOTLINE​: 094.368.2399 – 1900. 599. 979