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The startup process of the only son

Mr. B is a cadre with a position at a state agency. His husband has only one son, H, in his 20s, studying in Hanoi for the second year. H is a good boy, but recently there is a negligence of education, often go to play late. On that day, Mr. B was having trouble […]

The secrets of the hostess and students

GIA ĐÌNH SAU “ VÀNH MŨ” THÁM TỬ Last time: "Secrets of the hostess and students" Among the cases that I was told by Detectives VDT are sad stories, funny stories and the irony that ordinary people do not think. Therefore, sometimes the success of "investigation" makes the detective bring sadness to the client. Faith […]

Detective VDT is accompanied by the Daily Life program

Detective VDT co-operated with the daily life program of Vietnam Television, broadcast on VTV1 channel on July 6, 2015 with the subject of Private Detective private supervision of children. How do parents manage their children effectively and how do their children feel when they are supervised and supervised by parents in a variety of ways? […]

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