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The secrets of the hostess and students

GIA ĐÌNH SAU “ VÀNH MŨ” THÁM TỬ Last time: "Secrets of the hostess and students" Among the cases that I was told by Detectives VDT are sad stories, funny stories and the irony that ordinary people do not think. Therefore, sometimes the success of "investigation" makes the detective bring sadness to the client. Faith […]

Detective work and “legal”

According to Mr. Do Ngoc Anh – Director of Detective Agency VDT said: quite a number of detective companies "under the" not allowed, not managed but still operate and operate outside the "flow" affects the business with consultant , doing footage in the field of information, service services. Call us a private detective! Want to […]

Detective Agency VDT established the team

VDT Detective Company – VDT detective team was formed with members from companies and branches of private detective group VDT (such as VDT detective, detective VDT Hanoi, detective momentum NAN VDT, Detective Sai Gon VDT). Football club established to enhance the spirit of sports, the spirit of solidarity among employees, detective in the Group. Benefits […]

Detective women 8x – management and education of minors

Family Life Chat with Detective 8X at Detective Agency VDT They – Detective girls of the age, young dynamic, natural turn to turn to the role of his. Passion and willingness to come to a new career no less dangerous to find the truth, bring happiness to a part of the family in society. The […]

VDT detective along with legal marriage newspaper “detective diary”

  Thuy believes absolute husband, ten years living with her husband, with each other to three children, she knows she is the third tearful happy family. If he did not see her husband met strange woman, perhaps this life Thuy do not know her husband had a wife and children before. Special guest It can […]

Hanoi Detective VDT – followed his feet warm countryside valley

  LOCATED IN THE HEART OF THE JEWELRY In modern society, the role of family education in the development of personality formation of children is very important. According to statistics, about 30% of customers seek private detective services to use child monitoring services. In the process of doing business, there are many lessons learned and […]

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